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See the ApexVShift (shifter add-on) in the Photo Gallery.

New products to be released in 2013.

If you're shopping for a steering wheel stand, will be making a decision in the
near future, and would like to be notified when we make our announcement,
please go to our Contact Us page and send a message.

Please note that we have received hundreds of inquiries since we suspended sales
of the first generation of the ApexVStand – so many that we just can't sit down
and respond to them... we've been very busy. We appreciate your interest.
All of your questions will be answered soon.

The wait is almost over.

Send us a message
if you'd like to be contacted when we announce
the release of the next generation of the ApexVStand and new accessories.

Mach 1 (previous generation) of the ApexVStand & ApexVShift [6m 23s]

If the video stutters while streaming, click on it to pause and wait for file preload.

Photo Gallery

ApexVStand with ApexVShift kit, and Logitech G27
ApexVGear - Upgrade Your Gaming Experience

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